Here at Lumber Jack and Jill, we know tree care. From the first time you prune your tree to the day that it eventually has to be removed, you can count on us. We’ve long been providing tree care services throughout Northern Colorado, serving folks in Fort Collins, Wellington, Loveland, and the surrounding area. Below, we’ve cataloged a few of our favorite tree care articles. If you have any questions about our articles or our services, or if you’d like to schedule service for your trees, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

  1. Tree With Fall Leaves in Landscape

    Should I Plant a Tree in My Lawn?

    If you’re landscaping your property, tree placement is crucial. In fact, we often find that folks who design their landscapes around their trees find that they enjoy the look, and their trees help to provide shade where it’s desired. Planting a tree smack-dab in the center of your lawn provides …Read More

  2. Large Tree With Yellow Fall Leaves

    What Your Leaves Say About Your Tree Health

    If you’ve noticed that trees throughout your property aren’t healthy, it’s likely that the leaves of your trees will be the first sign that catches your eye. After all, if you notice brown leaves or a barren branch or two, common sense tells us that something is wrong. So, what are your tree…Read More

  3. View of the Front Range in Colorado

    Spring Tree Care Tips

    Spring is in full bloom, which means that it’s the perfect time to tend to those trees as they begin to bud and flower. Here at Lumber Jack & Jill, we’d be happy to help you to ensure that your trees are in tip-top shape for the coming growing season. We recommend that you schedule tree serv…Read More

  4. Garden With Trimmed Hedges

    Hedge Trimming Season Is Here

    Every spring, our hedges begin to sprout leaves like clockwork. And as our hedge lines grow it’s time to pull out the trimmers for a clean cut and healthy trimming. Here at Lumber Jack and Jill’s, we find that folks often have questions about their hedges, especially this time of year. Today, we…Read More

  5. Where Best to Plant New Trees Banner

    Where Best to Plant New Trees

    If you’re about to plant a tree or a few trees in your landscape, you may find that you’re undecided about the best place to plant the newest addition to your property. So, how can you decide on the best spot for your tree? Well, we’ve accumulated a few tips that you can employ to decide on th…Read More

  6. Landscaper Planting a New Tree

    How To Plant A New Tree

    As the experts say, “It’s better to put a $10 tree into a $100 hole than a $100 tree in a $10 hole.” This builds upon the notion that tree care goes much further than the type of tree for which you are caring. You have to take it back to the roots. Back to the place of nutritional growth. Once…Read More

  7. Upcycling Your Felled Trees

    Trees go through a life cycle much like every other plant species, yet trees have an uncanny ability to live on through humans. Trees are omnipotent. While living, trees give oxygen, shelter, food, and much more to all surrounding organisms. This extraordinary ability to sustain goodness transcends …Read More

  8. Tree Care Expert Cutting Top of Tree

    Welcome to Lumber Jack & Jill’s Blog

    Hello! We are Mike and Emily, and we are "Lumber Jack and Jill." Thanks for visiting our blog. It will serve as our way of sharing the news, stories, and general happenings of the tree service industry as well as an insight into our projects around Northern Colorado. We have been caring for trees in…Read More